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Access New Hampshire Records: warrants, divorce and marriage, arrests, driver's license, and all public records.

Free New Hampshire state records encompass a wide variety of information and documents. These documents are created and handled by various government entities within the state. Accessing public portions of these records for free can be important for many reasons but tracking down the desired information may prove difficult due to navigating different agencies’ websites and information.

Outlined below are types of free public information available in New Hampshire and where to begin a search for specific documents to search anyone in minutes. If the following advice doesn’t provide the information needed, a third-party search could produce more results.

Accessing New Hampshire State Records & Public Information

A majority of federal documents are public records to citizens of the United States through The Freedom of Information Act. The public can request to view and access copies of information that are not exempt from this act.1

New Hampshire state records can also be accessed by the public, with some restrictions, due to the New Hampshire Right to Know Law. Some exceptions to this law are:2

  • School records of minors
  • Parole board and pardon board records
  • Information regarding active investigations
  • Court records (although an exception is made in the Right to Know Law, the New Hampshire Bill of Rights gives the public access, with some restrictions, to these records).3

Even with accessibility granted by the state, access to documents such as criminal records, court records, inmate records, and vital records can be difficult to locate. Assessing which government entity houses which records and what is needed to procure them may take time and won’t necessarily be free.

Some access to public documents costs nothing, but many government agencies charge fees for certain searches or documents. Although a private third party could charge a nominal fee, utilizing their services could save a great deal of time and effort.

Criminal Records in the State of New Hampshire

Criminal records contain information regarding an individual’s police reports, convictions, and sentencing. All of this data is public information except for information in regard to crimes the individual was not convicted of and information included in an active investigation.

These records can be crucial when looking into the background of a potential employee, business partner, roommate, etc.

Who Has Access to New Hampshire Criminal Records?

As mentioned previously, New Hampshire state records, in regard to criminals, are public with the exception of active investigations and crimes the subject was not convicted of. The State of New Hampshire does give the ability to search for full criminal records for one’s self or for another with the notarized permission of the subject.

How to Find New Hampshire Criminal Records (All Methods)

The New Hampshire State Police provides information on how to request records on their Record Request page as follows:4

Apply in person for a partial or full criminal record:

  • If applying for a partial criminal record, the applicant need not provide notarized copies of documents
  • For a full criminal record of the applicant, a photo ID is needed
  • For a full criminal record released to a third party, a notarized release form must be submitted
  • A payment of $25 is required for each request and can pay with a credit card, check money order, or exact cash
  • Service located at:

33 Hazen Dr
Room 106A
Concord, New Hampshire 03305

Apply by mail:

  • If applying for a partial criminal record, the applicant need not provide notarized copies of documents
  • For a full criminal record of the applicant, a notarized copy of the front and back of a valid government ID is required
  • For a full criminal record released to a third party, a notarized release form must be included
  • A check or money order made out to the State of NH – Criminal Records for $25 (per request)
  • Request can be mailed to:

Criminal Records Unit
33 Hazen Drive
Concord, New Hampshire 03305

If a complete criminal history is not needed, public records of police reports and other related items are available throughout the state and managed by each city or county. Each local government body will have a different way of providing these records, but an example is as follows.

A google search with the terms “Concord New Hampshire police record” returns results including the Concord, New Hampshire Government website Records Division page.

The city of Concord Records Division is available to assist in locating and obtaining documents between 11:00 am and 3:30 pm on Monday and between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm Tuesday to Friday. Inquiries can be made in person or through mail at:

Concord Police Records
35 Green Street
Concord, New Hampshire 03301

Inquiries by email can be sent to [email protected]. Requests must include involved parties, occurrence date and location, and report number (if available). A fee based on the results of the request must be paid before the delivery of the documents. Checks should be made payable to the City of Concord and mailed or delivered in person.

Where Can I View Someone’s Mugshot in New Hampshire?

Mugshots in New Hampshire are not easily available. Searching through local and state resources primarily produces mugshots for state and local most-wanted lists. For instance, the U.S. Marshals Service – District of New Hampshire webpage has a list of the most wanted fugitives along with mugshots.

US Marshall Service website and the New Hampshire Joint Fugitive Task Force number (603) 225-1632 to submit information on known fugitives.
Source: U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice13

The public also has access to the New Hampshire Registration of Criminal Offenders database which provides mugshots for registrants. To view a mugshot of a registrant, a search can be performed by first and/or the last name. The date the photo was taken will also be listed.

Can I See if a Juvenile Has a Criminal History in New Hampshire?

When a juvenile is arrested or commits a criminal act, the state of New Hampshire treats a majority of these cases as civil matters.5 A record is still created for each juvenile, but the public of New Hampshire cannot access these documents. Access is restricted to the:6

  • Officers within the institution the juvenile is located
  • Probation officers/parole officers
  • Parent/Guardian/Custodian of minor
  • Juvenile’s attorney
  • County in which the juvenile committed the delinquency

Double Check to See if You Have a Warrant (Free New Hampshire Warrant Search)

New Hampshire is divided into 10 counties and 234 municipalities. Each of these locations has a governing law enforcement body that executes and serves warrants. To find out if a warrant is out for one’s self, start with a search of the assumed city or county in which the potential offense was committed. A Google search for “Manchester NH warrant” will lead to the Wanted Person page of The City of Manchester, NH Government website. A warrant log with names, issue dates, offenses, etc., will be listed.

If the city or county in question does not have an active warrant list, the above search should provide the agency and contact information that can be used to find out if there is a warrant for an individual.

The New Hampshire Department of Safety has made a warrant list available to the public for non-compliant sexual offenders and criminal offenders against children. The Warrants Non-compliant Criminal Offenders search contains those that do not maintain the correct status with the Registration of Criminal Offenders.

This search can be conducted with specific search information or a complete list of those with warrants can be shown.

Department of Safety free New Hampshire warrant search form requiring first name, last name, city, county, state, and zip code.
Source: New Hampshire Department of Safety, Division of State Police14

If a warrant cannot be found through these avenues, it may be beneficial to employ a third-party site that can search through multiple databases. Although a fee is typically charged, these sites can potentially process a search in minutes.

How to Use the New Hampshire Sex Offender Registry

The sex offender registry in New Hampshire is referred to as the Registration of Criminal Offenders, as touched on above. This registration includes sexual offenders and those who have committed crimes against children. This database is completely open to the public and free of charge. It should be noted that a list of criminal offenses listed in the registry that are not sexual offenses and/or offenses against children should not be taken as an official criminal history.

The Registration of Offenders can be searched in multiple ways including:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • City
  • County
  • State
  • Zip Code

Once a specific offender is identified, a detailed sheet brings up a mugshot, personal details, and offenses.

Running Background Checks in New Hampshire

Background checks can be important to employers, property owners, and anyone with a vested interest in another person. Although New Hampshire does not have a dedicated background search, as mentioned above, the New Hampshire State Police offers resources to obtain criminal history records.

The government of New Hampshire also has laws requiring certain entities to run the previously mentioned New Hampshire criminal history along with an FBI Criminal History Record. The FBI record request requires:4

  • An employer-provided application
  • A $48.25 fee
  • A completed fingerprint card or LiveScan form

The New Hampshire form and FBI form will be submitted by the employing agency to the State Police and be processed and returned together to the requesting authority.

If an individual is searching for background information other than criminal history, a private background check company should need to be considered. For a fee, these companies can find details regarding past employment, previous residences, driving records, etc. It is important to note, that a background check acquired for official use must be FCRA compliant.

A Look at New Hampshire Court Records

The New Hampshire Judicial system is split into 3 different court systems:7

  • The Supreme Court – hears appeals from the circuit and superior courts
  • Superior Court – handles a majority of criminal and civil cases and district court misdemeanor appeals
  • Circuit Court – consists of District, Probate, and Family divisions which handle cases such as non-jury trials, small claims, estate issues, child support, etc.

Although New Hampshire state records for courts are excluded from the New Hampshire Right to Know Law, the state judicial branch has granted public access through the New Hampshire Constitution.  There are exceptions, which include:8

  • Juvenile records
  • Wiretap applications
  • Records of grand jury trials
  • Sealed records

How to Retrieve New Hampshire Court Records

New Hampshire hosts a Case Access Portal for Superior Court and Circuit Court files which are housed on the New Hampshire Judicial Branch website. Case files from past and present are perpetually added for ease of public access. Any individual is able to search the portal which includes criminal and civil cases from the Superior Court and Circuit Court files regarding estate issues, small claims, and other civil cases that are not confidential.9

To access case information, a public user must create an account. To register, click on the Register/Sign-In prompt at the top right of the Case Access Portal page. Fill in all the registration form fields and continue to follow the prompts to complete the setup.

To ensure registration is done properly, a New Hampshire Judicial Branch Case Access Portal User Guide for the general public is available on the Case Access Portal page.

It should be noted that documents and information listed in the Case Access Portal are not considered official by the court.9 Official court documents must be directly requested through the clerk of a specific court.

The New Hampshire Judicial Branch Website has a dedicated Find a Court webpage to assist the public in finding the correct court. Court clerks at each court throughout the state are able to conduct most searches for inquiring parties.

If multiple searches are needed or there are issues producing needed documents, the requester might be advised to submit a Record Search Form for Superior or Circuit Courts or a Probate Estate Form for the Probate division. These forms along with a payment (which can be calculated using specifics on the linked forms) by check made to NHJB Central Processing Center can be delivered by mail or in-person to:

New Hampshire Judicial Branch – Administrative Offices
Attn: Central Processing Center
1 Granite Place
Suite N400
Concord, NH 03301

New Hampshire houses one Federal District Court, which is located within the state Capital of Concord. To access case records filed with the federal court, users can utilize the PACER site. Accessing records cost $.10 per page with $3.00with a $3.00 limit per single document. If users prefer to view the documents at the federal courthouse, these fees are waived.10

How to See New Hampshire Bankruptcy Records & Information

Like every other state, New Hampshire bankruptcy cases are under federal jurisdiction and are heard by the District of New Hampshire United States Bankruptcy Court. The Pacer website allows access to many court documents, including bankruptcy records, throughout the United States.

A records search can be requested in person to the court clerk at:

Warren B Rudman US Courthouse
55 Pleasant St
Room 200
Concord, New Hampshire 03301

The National Archives Court Records page gives electronic access to archived bankruptcy cases.

Viewing New Hampshire Inmate Records

Searching for an inmate in a New Hampshire jail or prison may be critical to some. Locating incarcerated relatives, finding out contact information, how to send money, and visitation details are just some of the reasons why viewing inmate records could be important.

Inmate records in New Hampshire are public information and can give insight into:

  • Offender specifics – such as name, sex, birth date, etc.
  • Location
  • Date of booking
  • Jail/prison term
  • Convictions
  • Potential release date
  • Parole date

Where to Find Someone in a New Hampshire Jail?

Jails in New Hampshire are spread throughout different cities and counties within the state. Each local entity is responsible for jail-specific records and there is no single state-provided repository that lists current jail inmates.

To find someone in a New Hampshire jail, a search including city or county keywords should lead to the correct authority. For example, a search engine lookup including the phrase “Belknap county jail New Hampshire” pinpoints the Belknap county inmate search.

Or, instead of searching the web, citizens can visit our New Hampshire arrest and criminal record guide which contains a full list of county arrests and inmate logs along with several other criminal record custodians within the state.

In the example above, the inmate search allows the user to view a full list of current inmates or to search by various keywords. Upon further view of each inmate, a record is populated which includes inmate personal information, a mug shot, booking details, and a description of charges.

If a search does not provide online results for inmate specifics, it should produce information regarding the local entity to contact for inmate information. If these searches prove too time-consuming, a third-party search could return results in a faster manner.

How to Check New Hampshire Prisons for Inmates

The New Hampshire Department of Corrections manages the three state prisons throughout the state. The Inmate Locator page on the Department of Corrections website allows anyone to search for prison inmates in the state. The provided function allows users to search by complete or partial first or last name. Search results provide minimal detail for the offender but do give case and docket information if further information is desired.

New Hampshire Department of Corrections inmate locator form to search free criminal records in New Hampshire as well as current inmates.
Source: New Hampshire Department of Corrections (DOC)15

There is one federal prison located in New Hampshire. Inmate information for this prison is located on the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ website on the Find an Inmate page. Inmates can be searched by name, prison number, or other specifics listed in the dropdown menu.

Vital Records Information for New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s vital records include records of births, deaths, marriages, and divorce. These records are important for individuals when trying to procure documents such as passports, social security cards, and state ID cards/driver’s licenses.

The New Hampshire Division of Vital Records oversees the management of vital records throughout the state. Access to these records can be obtained through the state or through the record clerk in one of 234 towns or cities in New Hampshire.11

Can Anyone See Free Marriage & Free Divorce Records in New Hampshire?

According to the New Hampshire Revised Statute 5-C.9, marriage and divorce records are considered private information in the state of New Hampshire. Statistical data of these records are permitted to be viewed by the public and are compiled by the Division of Vital Records.12

Despite these limitations, third-party search sites check government resources and other online sites like social media so they may have more information where access to vital records is restricted. 

To give readers an idea of just how many people are divorced, the graph below shows New Hampshire’s divorce rates by county and based on the United States Census Bureau estimates over the past 5 years.

Counties in New Hampshire are depicted on a map along with their divorce population rates, which are based on Census Bureau projections and vary from 10.70% to 15.40% (5-year estimates in 2021).
Source: Census Bureau

To access marriage or divorce documents from a particular city or town, conducting an online search with keywords such as “City of Dover vital records” will lead to the correct entity. The City of Dover Vital Records webpage lists three different ways for authorized parties to request vital documents:

  • Make an in-person request at the City Clerk’s office at:

288 Central Avenue
Dover, New Hampshire 03820

  • Mail in the Application for Vital Records Certificate to the above address along with a copy of a valid ID and a check made to the City of Dover
  • The City of Dover has partnered with VitalChek to allow requestors access to an online request with a credit card payment option

Detailed information on requirements can be found for each city or town throughout New Hampshire by doing a similar search as suggested above.

Records for marriages and divorces are also accessible through the Division of Vital Records Administration, which is expanded on below.

Who Can See Death & Birth Certificates in New Hampshire?

Death and birth certificates in New Hampshire, like marriage and death records, are records that are not public records record.

As mentioned previously, all vital records, including birth and death certificates, can be ordered by authorized individuals through the respective city or town of town clerks through provided means. The Division of Vital Records Administration also provides records and certificates for births and deaths in New Hampshire. Details on the process to request records from this department are explained below.

How to Request Vital Records from NH-DVRA (Free New Hampshire Marriage Records Request)

The New Hampshire Division of Vital Records Administration compiles all documents and data regarding vital records throughout the state. Release of these vital records is limited to one’s self or direct relation with proof.11

To request a certificate of birth, death, marriage, or divorce for one’s self or approved relation in New Hampshire through the state’s vital records department, an Application for a Certified Copy of a Vital Record along with a copy of a valid photo ID and a check made payable to Treasurer – State of New Hampshire can be mailed to:

NH Department of State – Division of Vital Records Administration
9 Ratification Way
Concord, New Hampshire 03301

The first copy of a vital record is $15 and each additional copy is $10.

Vital record request form to request free New Hampshire divorce records, free New Hampshire marriage records, New Hampshire birth certificates, New Hampshire death records, and all other vital records in New Hampshire.
Source: New Hampshire Department of State, Division of Vital Records Administration16

The Division of Vital Records Administration provides statistical records search from 1995 through the present through the New Hampshire Vital Information Network web. Individuals’ private information is not located in the data, but other data remains intact, including:

  • Date of births
  • Date of deaths
  • Baby-names
  • Marriage Dates
  • Divorces Dates

Genealogical records are considered birth documents older than 100 years and death, marriage, and divorce documents older than 50 years. This data can be requested through the Vital Records Department for a fee or can be researched in person at the:

Genealogical Research Center
9 Ratification Way
Concord, New Hampshire 03301

The Division of Vital Records Administration houses several types of New Hampshire state records and can help clarify access information for those documents.


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